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Omg i finished it, this was such a well made game and looks beautiful thank god for the shop

hah thanx :)

Love the surrealistic atmosphere. Mind challenge fun. :)

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Just was trying the game not bad but i still didn't figure where to go that's why i stopped the video : / 

hmm... looks like you ran into a little bug on the roof top. The water tank should have filled up with rain but didn't. Try that again, but this time without going to sleep while it's filling up.

I hope you don't mind but I started a mini series on this game, super trippy and beautiful to look at keep up the good work! 


Made a video -


I absolutely love this game! So unique, and it's so refreshing to see a game that's more than ten or twenty minutes long. However, I do really wish there was an official walkthrough. There's too many aspects of the game which just involve guessing more than logic and putting pieces of what you've learned together. Amazing game overall, though!

thanx! Yeah, it was always a bit tricky to walk that line of explanatory/obvious – cryptic/weird. For me, it does have its own logic that I didn't want to present that too much and just let it seep into the player's mind. But that didn't always work, I guess... ;)

It's still incredibly interesting, though. I'd say the best game I've played on Itch so far. :)

Hey, quick question what is that pink thing that's in the back? is it like an iron thing or something and is there an ending to this game cause i can't seem to get the last thing.

You mean in the vault? That'd be part of a puzzle. And yes, there is an end to the game; good luck :)

YESSS!! I made the soup and saw the ending :D :) thx and this is a wonderful game

haha congrats! ^^

This game is awesome! I love the idea, but I'm stuck with only two ingredients...

Thanx. Im sure you'll get there ^^

Very nice game

Very beautiful game!

Thank you!

This looks incredibly intriguing! The art style is fantastic, and adds to the surrealistic atmosphere quite nicely!

Thanx :)

Terrible controls. I really wanted to play the game but I rage quitted over the terrible controls after 3 minutes. Very sad.

I absolutely love this game! <3

...and I'm SO stuck. Wish me luck.

haha thanx ^^ hope you make it through!

This game is pretty dope bro. A little on the WEIRD side, but who am I to judgement LOL I am going to watch some tutorials to figure this out ! NOODLES WILL BE HAD Erwin- senpai !

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Thanx :) And yes, the noodles are worth it!


Unfortunately I didn't get to eat noodles but this is definitely a word I liked being immersed in. Are there any plans for updates?


Thanx, it's nice seeing people play it and see how/if it works for them.
No immediate plans for an update at the moment, unless someone finds a huge bug that really corrupts the gameplay. You did find a small bug where you woke up from the bedroom dream and woke up in bed, even though you went to sleep on the floor. Thought I had fixed that. Looking into that one actually.

This game is amazing. I love your low poly art. Is it possible for you to port this to VR? It might be a unique and surreal experience if its possible to play this in VR. I love the music too, but tempo feels a bit slow.

Hah thanx! Actually, one of my studio mates works with VR and we've been trying to set something up using Noodles' assets. But since we both have other projects going on, the progress is a bit slow. Perhaps in the future :)

does it works on windows 32 bit?

Good question, I don't believe so, I just used the standard Unity build settings.
But feel free to try it out and let me know if it works!

kay thanks

It's look really cool!

wow, i'm so in love with this. not too far, but the atmosphere is perfect -- weird and just adjacent to reality. good job.

Thanx, glad to hear the surrealism caught on :)

Dude, this game is beautiful. Bit creepy but still beautiful.



Hello, friend! I wonder - how to contact you about this game by email?

hey, you can reach me on